Study Europe in Germany with our IES program

Welcome to IES! Our short-term programs in International & European Studies offer students from all over the world a chance to study Europe and the European Union from the unique vantage point of one of Germany’s few universities in the top “Excellent” class, situated in the heart of Europe. The programs are taught entirely in English and provide the possibility of obtaining course credit.

Located in Baden-Württemberg, a southern German region with strong European traditions, Tübingen is close to Strasbourg, France, seat of the European Parliament, and equally close to Frankfurt, seat of the European Central Bank. The Stuttgart airport nearby serves the most international destinations, putting Tübingen just a few hours away from cities in Europe like Paris, London or Prague.

You are a student of the University of Tübingen? Then join our Buddy Program! You can meet new friends from all over the world and gain intercultural competences!

Through this Blog, you can discover the program and all its aspects:
  • Explore” is a kind of diary where you can follow the experiences our current students are making and get an impression of their day-to-day life in Germany.
  • What’s important” is the platform where you can find the up-to-date schedule as well as a weekly update of the acitivities to come in the current week.
  • Our Courses” provides an overview of all the courses you can attend during your stay in Tübingen.

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